This site is devoted to informing dog owners of ways to protect Scotties, and other pets from cancer, as well as to sharing the information about cancer prevention from Scottie breeders who reviewed this site.

This website was reviewed by veterinarians and reputable Scottie breeders and is based on extensive research.

Reliable scientific sources have concluded that Scottish Terriers are 18 times more at risk of developing bladder cancer (ref: Purdue University research) than are mixed breed dogs. Scotties also have an increased risk of hemangiosarcoma, mast cell sarcoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Ref: 1986 Scottish Terrier Handbook and American Kennel Club website below quoting Scottish Terrier Club of America:

Ref: Purdue University Research

There is strong evidence that the high rate of cancer is a result of what breeders admit is a very small Scottie gene Pool due to the show breeding practices of the recent past. Breeders #2, 6 and 7 (Breeder Comments) make important observations on the limited gene pool and possible solutions.

Scottie breeders and owners should consider following the 10 steps outlined in this website to protect dogs and other pets from cancer. These steps are based on extensive research.